The Curly Mustache Podcast: Ep. 4 – Bonnie Parker | Catwoman

Hey everyone! Thank you for checking out episode 4 of The Curly Mustache Podcast! Each week, Stephen and Joel break down one real-life villain and one fictional villain, talk about their histories, their crimes, their connections with one another, and whether they’re redeemable with the trusty bowler hat scale. This week, we dive in with a couple of lethal ladies, as we talk about Bonnie Parker and Catwoman. Enjoy!

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MPM: Ep. 343 – A Shaqademy Education

Kazaam | Steel – Hey everyone! Welcome to another episode of Motion Picture Meltdown! This week, Bryan Moriarty from the Nerdonomy podcast joins as we roast through a couple of 90’s Shaq movies. As a split pick between Stephen & Bryan, we go through Kazaam and Steel. In this episode, we talk about the best basketball player actors, we pick which 90’s iconic character or celebrity we would want to be, and Phil gets way too worked up about CG French toast. Enjoy!

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MPM: Ep. 193 – Seven Degrees From Tim Thomerson

Constantine | Blade – Hey everyone! Welcome to another episode of Motion Picture Meltdown! This week we rap up Not-So Superhero September by continuing to transition along the darker path from superheroes to our October horror theme. This week we roast through a couple of movies that we all seemed to enjoy when we were younger…one proving we were all dumb, and one giving us a pleasant surprise. In this episode, we go through Marvel’s Blade as well as DC Comics’ Constantine. You will hear Dehart, Phil, Cheats and myself talk about one of our favorite satans in film, we pick apart Keanu Reeves’ career and discuss exactly how good or bad of an actor he actually is, and we just won’t let up on that Catholic Church. Enjoy!

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MPM: Ep. 192 – Madea Goes To Hell

Spawn | Jonah Hex – Hello everyone! Welcome to another episode of Motion Picture Meltdown! This wee we are joined by a special guest host from the Nerds of Film podcast, Sean Moriarty! Sean joins us as we continue Not-So Superhero September and go through a couple movies that were extremely poor adaptations of comics. This week, we roast through Spawn and the even more disappointing Jonah Hex. In this episode, you will hear us talk about our favorite Satan in movies, we talk about the definition of Flashbashing, and we talk about Jonah Hex being one of the most run of the mill movies ever. Enjoy!

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MPM: Ep. 189 – The Elektra Boogaloo

Elektra | Catwoman – Hey everyone! That time has come again where we as a podcast jump into the world of terrible superhero movies that are thrust upon us like a bucket of hot garbage water. We kick off this month with Motion Picture Meltdown‘s Not-So Superhero Sepetember! To start things off, we decide to bring in some diversity among the superhero sexes, as we roast through two of the most poorly received superhero movies of all time. Cheats, Dehart Phil and myself decide to take one for the team and roast through the 2005 follow-up to Daredevil in Jennifer Garner’s Elektra as well as possibly the biggest shit that Hollywood has ever spent one-hundred million dollars on, Catwoman. In this episode, we discuss what terrible useless superpower we would all have, Dehart thinks that Catwoman is some kind of embezzlement scam, and the more we talk about Elektra, the more pissed Phil gets. Enjoy!

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