MPM: Ep. 359 – Johnson McClane

San Andreas | Skyscraper – Hey everyone! Thanks for tuning into Episode 359 of Motion Picture Meltdown! Now that Kung Fu-ly is over, we’re back on our regularly scheduled bullshit. With the release of Hobbs & Shaw, we thought a Dwayne Johnson Summer Blockbuster episode was in order, so I picked San Andreas and Skyscraper for us to roast through. In this episode, you’ll hear us replace exisitng Summer Blockbuster actors with wrestlers, we talk about how wholesome Dwayne Johnson is, and Phil goes full Apple fanboy again. Enjoy!

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MPM: S03/E07 – John McClane for President

I’m definitely NOT doing cocaine at my work desk.

Die Hard | Die Hard 2: Die Harder – Hello action lovers, thanks again for checking out this week’s episode of Motion Picture Meltdown! We apologize for the delay in episodes, but what can we say? We’re fat, lazy, assholes! In this week’s podcast, we go over the baddest of bad and review Die Hard and Die Hard 2: Die Harder. And yes, apparently you can die harder than hard.  In this episode, Mark and I talk about the sheer badassery of Bruce Willis and the character of John McClane, the fact that we may have found the worst case of “mayor syndrome” in any movie thus far, and the discuss the apparent absolute durability of Zippo lighters in snow storms.

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