MPM: Ep. 231 – Dolphin Lundgren Fights A Shark

Shark Lake | Deep Blue Sea – Happy Shark Week everyone! We here at Motion Picture Meltdown are never shy about roasting through terrible shark movies once a year, so we promise we have a good one for you during Shark Week 2016. In this episode, we turn to Netflix for a craptastic Dolph Lundgren acted piece of crap called Shark Lake, as well as an insanely popular movie from 1999 with possibly the best practical shark effects ever, wasted on such a crappy movie, Deep Blue Sea. You will hear us talk about our favorite non-Jaws shark movies, we decide that if you don’t love Jesus, you’re shark bait, and we reach an all-time high of puns on an episode. Enjoy! 

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MPM: S04/E19 – May The Force Be With You In Little Tokyo

The Stare of America.

Delta Force | Showdown in Little Tokyo – Hello Everyone! Welcome again to another episode of Motion Picture Meltdown! We’re super Americanized in this podcast as Philip, Mark, and myself get our asses kicked by Chuck Norris and Dolph Lundgren as we roast Delta Force and Showdown in Little Tokyo. In this episode, we talk about Irish Catholic Jews, Liam Neeson, why mack-10’s are army issued, “Hans” Lundgren’s Dick size, and Brandon Lee’s ratio of deadness to bad acting. Enjoy!

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MPM: S03/E09 – Masters of Punishment!

Look at little like Vader and Luke?

The Punisher | Masters of the Universe – Welcome back, Motion Picture Maniacs! Mark and I have stayed with our word to continue to be motivated to podcast every week, and this week we’ve decided to dive back into the late 80’s with foreign action star, Dolph Lundgren. We’ve decided to rip apart the 1989 version of The Punisher as well as the 1987 nerd classic Masters of the Universe.

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