MPM: Ep. 236 – Alligator DogBall

Rollerball (2002) | Futuresport – Hey everyone! We’re back after a week of absence (We got shit to do too, damnit!). This week, I chose to jump back into the “extreme” era of the late 90’s and early 2000’s and picked a couple of movies with made up extreme sports. This week we roast through the made-for-TV movie FutureSport as well as the 2002 remake of the cult classic Rollerball. In this episode, you’ll hear Dehart, Cheats, Phil and myself create our extreme sport, you’ll hear us really start to question the decision making of Rollerball’s director, and we are truly astonished to see a movie film such a long scene with a night vision filter. Enjoy!

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MPM: Ep. 232 – Diesel Fuel Can’t Melt Rock

We’re just going to kidnap this logo too.

xXx | xXx: State of the Union – Hey everyone! Welcome to an X-TREME episode of Motion Picture Meltdown! This week, Dehart picks two movies with the upmost 90’s stink on them, even when they weren’t from the 90’s! In this episode, we roast xXx and xXx: State of the Union. You will hear us debate whether Ice Cube is a fitting replacement for Vin Deisel, you’ll hear us take a non-extreme craft and x-tremify it, and talk about it’s just not okay to keep camera shots that involved people dying in your film. Enjoy!

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