The Curly Mustache Podcast: Ep. 54 – Gavrilo Princip & Tyler Durden

Hey everyone! Welcome to episode 54 of The Curly Mustache Podcast. Each week, we take one real-life villain and one fictional villain, discuss their histories, crimes, motives, any connections they may have, and decide whether they can be redeemed with our Bowler Hat Scale. This week, Ian chooses the villains and we discuss Bosnian-Serb assassin Gavrilo Princip and the split-personality antagonist from Chuck Palahniuk’s Fight Club, Tyler Durden. Enjoy!

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MPM: Ep.158 – This Week On MethButlers.

Fight Club | The Game – Hey everyone! Welcome to another episode of Motion Picture Meltdown! To conclude January, Dehart, Phil and myself decide to go through a couple of David Fincher movies. We go through the wildy popular movie based on the book, Fight Club as well as one of Fincher’s lesser known movies starring Michael Douglas, The Game. In this episode, we create our own spirit animals and pick public figures to fight, we talk about how much money it would take to play “The Game”, and we debate the long time myth of Marla Singer being a figment of Tyler’s imagination. Enjoy!

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