MPM: S04/E10 – It Happens To The Estevez.

Copright anyone?

Maximum Overdrive | The Wraith – Hello everyone! Welcome once again to another great episode of Motion Picture Meltdown! In this episode, Mark, Philip, and myself get back into our comfort zone (the 1980’s) and review some serious pieces of crap. With doing a Martin Sheen movie last week, we only felt it natural that we round out the Estevez family as we roast Stephen King’s Maximum Overdrive¬†and the ever flamboyant 1986 flick The Wraith, starring none other than seven-gram rock banger himself, Charlie Sheen. In this podcast, you’ll hear such things as Philip trying to find logic in a movie about killer machines, some serious creeper responses to rejections, and Mark say the word “Coke” at least 350 times. Enjoy!

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