MPM: Ep. 187 – The Mullet Scale, Zero to 100

Meatballs | Wet Hot American Summer – Hello everyone! Welcome to another episod eof Motion Picture Meltdown! We are two weeks away from the end of our summer podcasts, but this week Cheats, Phil, Dehart and I go back to camp, but this time it is much less frightening! We go through the comedy “classic” Reitman/Murray film Meatballs as well as a newer take on comedy with a roast through Wet Hot American Summer. In this episode you will hear us all talk about about what fantasy camp counselor we would pick, we describe the mullet scale for Dehart, and we all get a little uncomfortable by Bill Murray. Enjoy! Continue reading “MPM: Ep. 187 – The Mullet Scale, Zero to 100”