MPM: Ep. 401 – Thug Addicts

Turbo Kid | VFW – Hey everyone! Thanks for checking out another episode of Motion Picture Meltdown! This week, Stephen chose a couple of fun action flicks from recent years, and we discuss Turbo Kid and VFW. In this episode, we talk about what resource we would hoard as post-apocalyptic war mongers, we discuss how amazing Michael Ironside is, and gush over practical gore. Enjoy!

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MPM: Ep. 115 – Head Explosions Put Asses In Seats.

Scanners | Videodrome – Hey everyone! Welcome to episode 115 of Motion Picture Meltdown! Per Dehart’s request, we’ve decided to go through a couple of his favorite movies by one of his favorite directors, David Cronenberg! Previously roasting through The Fly (, we’ve decided to go through two other fims from the 1980’s. In this episode, we review Videodrome and Scanners. You will hear us plug our death metal industrial grindcore band, Ethereal Dick, as well as listen to Mark’s sick habit of watch Saddam Huessein die. Enjoy!

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