MPM: Ep. 374 – Mamba No. 5

Changing Lanes | Snakes On A Plane – Hey everyone! Thanks for tuning into Episode 374 of Motion Picture Meltdown. As we’re getting started with February, we’re continuing our annual MPM Black History Month and celebrating black actors, directors and writers throughout the month. To kick things off, Phil chooses a couple of movies where one of his favorite actors, Samuel L. Jackson, plays a rare lead role. We roast through 2002’s Changing Lanes, and Snake On A Plane. In this episode you’ll hear us come up with our own bullshit movie titles, Phil thinks “Better luck next time” is just a normal saying, and I nerd out about snake species. Enjoy!

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MPM: Ep. 300 – Shaftula 2000

Shaft (1971) | Shaft (2000) – Hey everyone! Welcome to another episode of Motion Picture Meltdown! Not only are we continuing Black History Month here at MPM, but we’ve also hit our 300th episode! For this episode, we dedicated it to one of the most badass black characters in film history, Shaft. We touch on the original 1971 film and the 2000’s reboot/sequel. You’ll hear us talk about or favorite and most hated episodes from the last 100, we talk about the complete bullshit of movie window jumping, and we all wish we had our own theme song that plays when we walk. Enjoy!

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MPM: Ep. 231 – Dolphin Lundgren Fights A Shark

Shark Lake | Deep Blue Sea – Happy Shark Week everyone! We here at Motion Picture Meltdown are never shy about roasting through terrible shark movies once a year, so we promise we have a good one for you during Shark Week 2016. In this episode, we turn to Netflix for a craptastic Dolph Lundgren acted piece of crap called Shark Lake, as well as an insanely popular movie from 1999 with possibly the best practical shark effects ever, wasted on such a crappy movie, Deep Blue Sea. You will hear us talk about our favorite non-Jaws shark movies, we decide that if you don’t love Jesus, you’re shark bait, and we reach an all-time high of puns on an episode. Enjoy! 

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MPM: Ep. 205 – Shoot Em With Your Strong Hand

Robocop (2014) | Elves – Hello everyone! We hope you’re having a great holiday season, and we welcome you back to another episode of Motion Picture Meltdown! We have finally come to the end of our request month of December, and as we thought with last week’s podcast we might get some more gifts for Christmas, once again we were wrong. After hearing us want to kill ourselves after podcasting the TMNT reboot, or friend Morgan decided he would torture our childhoods a little more by requesting us to roast through the 2014 remake of Robocop. The season wouldn’t be complete if the former MPM co-host and resident asshole Mark Hinton didn’t request a terrible movie for us to watch, and so indeed he has. Mark request us to bring a little Christmas hatred into our lives as we go through his movie request, Elves. In this episode, you’ll hear us question why Robocop’s hand was kept alive, you’ll hear us discuss that Elves may be suffering from a Troll 2-like conundrum, and we all wonder why Sam Jackson has George Bush hair. Enjoy!

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MPM: Ep.190 – Ghost Dad Has To Get His Too

The Phantom | The Spirit – Hey everyone! Not-So Superhero September continues as we are joined by an awesome special guest and co-host from Nerdonomy’s Nerds On Film/Nerds On History podcast, Bryan Moriarty! Bryan is a huge comic book nerd, and jumped at the chance to be talking about the two movies we decided to roast through this week. Phil, Cheats, Dehart and myself go through a couple movies that were less-than well received by the comic book nerd and movie nerd universe alike. This week we go through The Phantom as well as Frank Miller’s solo directorial debut movie, The Spirit. In this episode, you will hear us explain exactly when the reality of the universe must be explained in the movie, you’ll hear me gush about Scarlett Johannson, and we continue to give Cheats shit about his trust stop virtual reality sessions. Enjoy!

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