UCP S4E23: Audio Crime (Distracted Edition)

This week on Unitedcypher Presents, Evan and DeHart go solo on the newly released Grand Theft Auto V, talk about some real life crimes ripped from the headlines, and plot their own hypothetical heists with the provision that they can do one thing outside the current realm of possibilities.  Give it a listen.

UCP S4E17: The Church of Truckasaurus

Put on your finest mustache.  It’s time for Unitedcypher Presents with  Evan, Shane, and DeHart.  Listen as they start a religion, participate in their own mustache think-tank, and look at (and comment on)  the world’s most bizarre O-face all in anticipation of the man who would be king, the $92 quadrillionaire dude.

UCP S4E16: I’m Not That In To Mummies

Unitedcypher Presents returns with Stephen “The Roast” Rosenberg of Motion Picture Meltdown for another week.  In this episode, we pitch a show of sexy mummies, debate inside furnature in yards, and talk about the (upcoming) Bill Oberst Jr. interview on MPM.  Check it out.

UCP S4E14: The Count, The Colonel, and The Questionable Meat

Unitedcypher Presents welcomes Stephen “The Roast” Rosenberg of Motion Picture Meltdown as a special guest this week..  We have a conversation about Stephen’s infamous dad, The Count, as well as a KFC knockoff restaurant in Thailand themed after Hitler and steaks made from human feces.  It’s a plate full show, so enjoy.

UCP S4E13: The Alien Movie Counsel

Unitedcypher Presents tackles the hard new stories like horses that paint and half-alien elected officials in this episode as well as some movie talk about Prometheus, Man of Steel, and video-game-to-movie conversions.  Give it a listen and have a happy 4th of July.  Rockets red glare and whatnot.