UCP S4E10: One Hornet Humper

Is the Xbox One a number two?  What happens when you get too horny for hornets?  Evan, Shane, and DeHart take on these tough questions on this week’s Unitedcypher Presents.  Check it out.  Audio version is available below.

UCP S4E08: Rockapella and the Sorcerer’s Podcast

On this week’s episode, (vaguely) political topics are (somewhat) debated by Evan, Shane, and DeHart.  Hot-button issues from taxation to immigration (to conjuration) are examined (poorly).  All this and recurring bad character voices tonight (or whenever it’s played) only on Unitedcypher Presents.  Check it out.

UCP S4E07: A Martian Idol

It’s your one-way ticket to midnight, rolling heavy Martian.  It’s Unitedcypher Presents.  This week Evan, Shane, and DeHart weigh in on plans to colonize Mars with reality tv stars which is an unbelievable but real thing in the works.  Check it out.

UCP S4E06: The Queen’s Time Gristle

This week on Unitedcypher Presents, Shane and DeHart talk about modes of time travel, how T2 would be a better if it were made in Japan, Queen and their love of sci-fi fantasy films.  All this and more, while waiting for Evan to arrive.  Did he make it?

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UCP S4E05: Adventures of Subterrains in New Australia

In this weeks episode of unitedcypher presents, Evan, Shane, and DeHart talk about the following topics: Call of Duty land, chewing toe nails, Rammstein, AIDS clothes and their effects on a very angry dad.