UCP S4E22: Futurism Meets Toilet Humor

This week on Unitedcypher Presents, listen to Evan, Shane, and DeHart hypothesize on living in space, the possibility of robotic extraterrestrial life, and how to design an airlock toilet for your star cruiser.  Expect all this and no talk of guard geese.  Check it out.

UCP S4E11: The Italian Pod

On this week’s episode of Unitedcypher Presents, the gang partake in more Xbox related talk before discussing the recent death of James Gandolfini and the undesired possibility of a Super Mario Bros The Movie remake.

Note: It’s not a remake.  It’s a sequel.

UCP S3E07: This Is Your Bird On Ice

This episode, Evan, DeHart, and Shane discuss dogs on dope, zombies on public service announcements, ice packs on packages, and how to handle the resulting amputees.  If that last part isn’t clear, package and bird are referring to penis euphemistically.  Check it out.

(Audio version also available)

UCP S3E06 – They Call Me Woofman (That’s Not My Name)

Evan, DeHart, and Travis discuss Amish splinter groups and the triclops the world is missing.  In this weeks Situation, they ponder the question of what kind of werewolf (or woof) would you be if that were a thing that could happen.

(Audio version available)

UCP S3E05 – The Chud-Hub Gods

On this week’s Unitedcypher Presents, Evan, DeHart, and guest host Travis discuss important hot button issues of the day including but not limited to the following: Dr. Pepper, Mythbusters, hipster ban, and costumed characters turned potential deities.  Check it out.

(Audio version is also available)