MPM: Ep. 104 – Happy Holodicks!

Scrooged | The Ref – Hello everyone and welcome to Christmas episode 2 of 3 of Motion Picture Meltdown! We hope you’ve been stuffing your faces with terrible holidays sweets like fruitcakes and lemon squares, as we’ve been sitting through loads of Christmas movies trying to find the right ones to roast! This episode, Mark, Philip, and Stephen roast through Billy Murray’s holiday classic Scrooged as well as the underrated hit from the 90’s starring Denis Leary and Kevin Spacey, The Ref. In this podcast, we talk about the many roles of acting genius Billy Murray, the forever on-going saga of Christmas Carol remakes, the schematics of beating someone senseless with a toaster, the dangers of cat pee, and Mark’s holo-teleportation fucksting text message cock. Enjoy!

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