MPM: Ep. 110 – Let The Games Begin!

The Garbage Pail Kids | Clue | Transformers: The Movie | GI Joe: The Movie | Transformers | GI Joe | Battleship – Games Into Movies Special – Hello everyone! Welcome to episode 110 of Motion Picture Meltdown! Mark, Philip, Dehart, and myself decide to roast through a plethora of mostly shitacular movies in a genre that seems to be seldom talked about amongst the movie world (and rightfully so!). We go through movies based on popular toys and board games! Roasting through the timeline of movies, we touch up on early films like Clue and The Garbage Pail Kids, 80’s cartoon movies like Transformers: The Movie and GI Joe: The Movie, all the way up to current blockbuster movies like Transformers, GI Joe, and Battleship. In this episode, you will hear our votes for the worst game-movie that could possibly be made, or college knowledge on battleship anchors, and touch more Philip’s inner fear of Tim Curry. Enjoy!

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Grimlocks of Love 2 : Grimlock Loves… (VID)

Our favorite cartoon-robot-dinosaur is back. and he still needs a date. Lucky for him the company who was producing his internet dating video got bought out and went all high tech and HD. They spiced up his already gruff attitude with some  editing panache and edgy music. Ladies, look out, He likes it Dino-style!