UCP S4E06: The Queen’s Time Gristle

This week on Unitedcypher Presents, Shane and DeHart talk about modes of time travel, how T2 would be a better if it were made in Japan, Queen and their love of sci-fi fantasy films.  All this and more, while waiting for Evan to arrive.  Did he make it?

Spoiler Alert warning

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UCP S4E05: Adventures of Subterrains in New Australia

In this weeks episode of unitedcypher presents, Evan, Shane, and DeHart talk about the following topics: Call of Duty land, chewing toe nails, Rammstein, AIDS clothes and their effects on a very angry dad.

UCP S4E04: Golden Shower Power Hour

What do bananas with dreadlocks, Google glass, and 300 gallons of urine have in common?  If you said nothing you’re almost right.  They’re all topics discussed rigorously by Evan, Shane, and DeHart on on this weeks Unitedcypher Presents.  Stream, download, subscribe and other appropriate verbs as need.  Oh, and enjoy.

UCP S4E03: Nuge-bots of the Apocolypse

Evan, Shane, and DeHart ponder the philosphical implications of the transhumanist movement such as whether to opt for robot legs or tank treads and if cybernetics are even worth the trouble if you still have to poop.  These important questions and various Ted Nugent related tangents for some reason, all this and more on this weeks unitedcypher presents.

UCP S4E02: Kray Carnies Vs. Cosmonautical Clowns

Evan, Shane, and DeHart discuss wrestling promos, deep fried foods, and the mutated society of clowns that will inevitable evolve on Mars thanks to the Curiosity rover on this weeks Unitedcypher Presents.  You know, the usual podcast fare.