MPM: Ep. 353 – We’re Evil So You Don’t Have To Be

Resident Evil: Afterlife | Monster Trucks – Hey everyone! Welcome to episode 353 of Motion Picture Meltdown! This week, Cheats chooses the movies and of course he makes us watch Resident Evil: Afterlife as well as Monster Trucks. In this episode, you’ll hear us hype up monster truck rallies, we take a deep dive into Resident Evil 5, 4, in 3D…which is 7. We also talk about Umbrella Corportation’s new slogan…Forget. Enjoy!

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New games page, new game, new video

I’ve been working on making video games for a little while now making short games, so I’ve made myself a page on For those that aren’t familiar with it (see the Talks Over Games Itch Stream series), it’s an independent game store/launcher/community. Kind of a Steam alternative. My account is Badgai Labs (as in bad guy). Anyway, the first game I made is out now for free. This is where you can find it. The games page in the menu will be updated with future releases as they happen.

P.S. Thanks to Phil for the screaming.