MPM: Ep. 359 – Johnson McClane

San Andreas | Skyscraper – Hey everyone! Thanks for tuning into Episode 359 of Motion Picture Meltdown! Now that Kung Fu-ly is over, we’re back on our regularly scheduled bullshit. With the release of Hobbs & Shaw, we thought a Dwayne Johnson Summer Blockbuster episode was in order, so I picked San Andreas and Skyscraper for us to roast through. In this episode, you’ll hear us replace exisitng Summer Blockbuster actors with wrestlers, we talk about how wholesome Dwayne Johnson is, and Phil goes full Apple fanboy again. Enjoy!

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MPM: Ep. 235 – It’s Ho-Ho-Hopeless!

Santa With Muscles | Krampus – Hello everyone and MERRY CHRISTMAS!(in July). Phil has selected a couple of Christmas movies for us this week in celebration of the terrible made-up holiday in the retail world. But let’s be honest, we never get to do actual Christmas movies, because we do listener requests in December! This week, we somehow found another Hulk Hogan movie that we haven’t podcasted, so we roast through Santa With Muscles, as well as the Michael Dougherty’s follow up film to Trick R Treat, Krampus. In this episode, we all create our own Christmas themed horror icon, we talk about about how Hulk Hogan gets people addicted to his protein powder, and although we all liked Krampus, we think it lacked a little bite. Enjoy!

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MPM: Ep. 132 – Subliminal Sext Messaging

They Live | Hell Comes To Frogtown – Hello everyone! Welcome to episode #132 of Motion Picture Meltdown! This week, Phil, Dehart, and myself go over a couple of former wrestler-turned actor movies…and for once it isn’t Hulk Hogan! We jump back into the 80’s and go over a couple of “Rowdy” Roddy Piper movies. We roast through the cult classic Hell Comes To Frogtown as well as the John Carpenter great, They Live. In this episode, we talk about the triumphs that come with wearing a Mercedes symbol around your neck, we claim that Keith David is just evil Morgan Freeman, and talk about the constant sexualization of advertisement. Enjoy!

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